Weekend B.O. Aug. 15-17 (The Dog Days Of Summer)
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Weekend B.O. Aug. 15-17 (The Dog Days Of Summer)

nullIt’s been happening time and time again this season, so it’s no

surprise that it’s happened one more time, even during these dog days of summer – The

big drop-off.

Though "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" once again captured

the No.1 slot the second weekend in a row with $28.4 million, it dropped big by some 56% this weekend (which should give you an indication of just how

lackluster all the other new releases performed).

Though Paramount declared the film a

success last week, and announced that a sequel was in the works, TMNT is going to need some

very strong b.o. results overseas to have a chance to just break


As I have said before, these second weekend drop-offs must

be exasperating for the studios. It’s either that, people who really

want to see the film, come out the first weekend to see it, and the film stalls

after that, or the films get bad word of mouth; or both. 

Though the 56% drop-off for TMNT is huge, it doesn’t beat

this summer’s all time drop-off record of 69.2% for the second weekend, which goes to "The

Fault in Our Stars," with "Godzilla" in second place, with a 66.8% second week

drop-off. However, it must be pointed out that "Fault’s" very modest

$12 million production cost, and its $267 million worldwide gross ($124 domestic), makes it one of the most successful films of the year.

"The Expendables 3," one of the least necessary sequels in

recent memory, opened with the lowest opening weekend take of the entire franchise, stumbling with $16.2 million. No doubt Lionsgate will blame that superior

quality pirated copy of the film that was leaked online a few weeks ago, before the

film was released, for the lackluster results. Or maybe it was the tame

PG-13 rating that the film got. Or it could be the fact that the whole "Expendables" series is just totally played out.

"Let’s Be Cops," which opened last Wednesday – a film that

could not come out at a worse time due to recent events, did good business, coming

in a surprising third with some $26 million to date.

"The Giver," yet another young adult dystopian film

trying to capitalize on "The Hunger Games" (though it was based on a book

written over 20 years), also proved a non-starter at the box office, with just $12

million in its opening weekend.

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Par. $28,400,000  Total: $117,642,000 

2) Guardians of the Galaxy BV $24,735,000 Total: $222,281,000 

3) Let’s Be Cops Fox $17,700,000 Total: $26,107,000 

4) The Expendables 3 LGF $16,200,000 

5) The Giver Wein. $12,760,000 

6) Into The Storm WB $7,720,000 Total: $31,341,000 

7) The Hundred-Foot Journey BV $7,109,000 Total: $23,619,000

8) Lucy Uni. $5,317,000 Total: $107,537,000 

9) Step Up All In LG/S $2,700,000 Total: $11,849,000  

10) Boyhood IFC $2,150,000 Total: $13,801,000 

11) Hercules Par. $2,080,000 Total: $68,121,000 

12) Get On Up Uni. $1,905,000 otal: $27,005,000  

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