Weekend B.O. (Dec. 2-4) - The Juggernaut That Is Twilight
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Weekend B.O. (Dec. 2-4) - The Juggernaut That Is Twilight

nullI'm a guy so I don't understand at all what the deal is with these movies, but Breaking Dawn again was No. 1, and, so far, looks like it can't be stopped, with worldwide box office totals at over $532 million.

Shame, at the other end of the scale, did extremely well in its, so far, limited release, pulling in $361,000 on only 10 screens.

The rest below:

1) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Sum.$16,900,000 Total: $247,300,000

2) The Muppets BV $11,200,000 Total:$56,137,000

3Hugo Par. $7,625,000 Total:$25,188,000

4) Arthur Christmas Sony $7,350,000 Total:$25,292,000

5) Happy Feet Two WB $6,000,000 Total:$51,785,000

6) Jack and Jill Sony $5,500,000 Total:$64,308,000

7The Descendants FoxS $5,200,000 Total:$18,087,000

8Immortals Rela. $4,394,000 Total:$75,588,000

9Tower Heist Uni. $4,100,000 Total:$70,800,000

10Puss in Boots P/DW $3,050,000 Total:$139,522,000

11) J. Edgar WB $2,400,000 Total:$32,661,000

12) My Week with Marilyn Wein.$1,180,000 Total:$3,861,000

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