Weekend B.O. Dec 23-25
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Weekend B.O. Dec 23-25

nullBecause this weekend's holiday weekend is unusual, since Christmas falls on a Sunday, and some films, such as War Horse, open today, this weekend's box office estimates are sure to fluctuate. But for a snapshot of where things stand right now, here's what it looks like.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol not surprisingly was No. 1; keep in mind that the film has also made over $100 million so far in its limited overseas openings, so the film is doing extremely well.

The Adventures of Tin Tin was something of a disappointment, but the film, which opened overseas in October, has already grossed over $240 million in foreign territories alone. Not really a big surprise, since Tin Tin is literally an icon around the world, after he first appeared in the 1930's. There's even a state of the art modern museum totally dedicated to the character, the Musee Herge in Brusells which opened in 2009.  Yet for some reason he never caught on in the U.S.

And keeping track, Shame has grossed to date $1,527, 000 on only 50 screens so far. We'll be interested to see how Pariah does in it's limited engagements when it opens on Dec. 28th.

The weeks list beloew:

1 Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Paramount) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $26.5M, Estimated 4-day Holiday $39.5M Total;  $71.5M

2. Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows (Warner Bros) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $18.5M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $25M Total  $83.8M

3. Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (Fox) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $13.7M, estimated $ Day Holiday $21.1M Total $58.1M

4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Sony) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $13M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $20M  Total $28.5M, 

5. The Adventures Of Tintin (Paramount) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $9M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $14M  Total $22M, 

6. We Bought A Zoo (Fox) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $8.5M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday Total $11.7M

7. New Year’s Eve (Warner Bros) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $3.6M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $5.4M,  Total  $34.8M

8. Arthur Christmas (Sony) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $2.8M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $4M  Total $45.5M

9. The Muppets (Disney) Estimated 3-Day Weekend $2.2M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $3.6M  Total $77.2M

10) Hugo (Paramount)Estimated 3-Day Weekend $1.6M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $2.7M Total  $44.4M

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