Weekend B.O. July 12-14 (Rim Kinda Meh, While Fruitvale Soars)
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Weekend B.O. July 12-14 (Rim Kinda Meh, While Fruitvale Soars)


Of course the news yesterday from a certain

courtroom in Florida makes this weekend’s box office news not the first thing

on most people’s minds at the moment. But it must be done.

Once again Despicable

Me 2 was upfront at the No.1 position, with Grown Ups 2 and Pacific Rim battling out for the No. 2 and 3 slots, with Grown Ups doing well with $42

million, and Rim coming in third with a rather so-so $38 million.

Warners had been battling media reports for the past two weeks

that Rim wasn’t tracking especially well, with an opening predicted around $35 million which is not great considering

the film’s price tag reportedly around $180+ million ; and it looks like those rumors

weren’t that far off at all. The film did not expand far beyond Guillermo del Toro’s fanboy base.

But if there’s a film that practically defines what a foreign

market monster hit is, it’s Rim. The film is expected to rake in big dough in overseas


The film was No. 1 in Russia and Korea, and is

doing great business in the U.K. Mexico and

some 20 other countries where it opened this weekend, and will keep opening in other

countries though August. And when Rim opens in China on July 31st look out.

But the big news is the smallest film of the new releases

this weekend, Fruitvale Station, which

opened in 7 theaters to an incredible $53,000

per screen, for a total of $377,000 , far

and away the biggest per screen opening for any film, not only this week, but in

months. The film will continue to open in more cities as the weeks ago by and we’ll

be keeping tabs on it

1) Despicable Me 2 Uni. $44,754,000  Total: $229,237,000 

2) Grown Ups 2 Sony $42,500,000 

3) Pacific Rim WB $38,300,000 

4) The Heat Fox $14,000,000 Total: $112,363,000 

5) The Lone Ranger BV $11,140,000 – Total: $71,101,000 

6) Monsters University BV $10,621,000 Total: $237,760,000 

7) World War Z Par. $9,430,000  Total: $177,087,000  

8)  White House Down Sony $6,150,000  Total: $62,963,000 

9) Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain LG/S $5,000,000 Total: $26,378,000 

10) Man of Steel WB $4,825,000 Total: $280,995,000 

11) This is the End Sony $2,950,000 Total: $91,700,000 

12) Now You See Me LG/S $1,310,000 Total: $113,288,000

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