Weekend B.O. July 18-20 (Not Exactly The Same Old Story)
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Weekend B.O. July 18-20 (Not Exactly The Same Old Story)

null"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" was once again the No. 1

film this weekend, with $36 million, and almost $139 million total so far, but

the story that’s been the ongoing main b.o. story this summer, didn’t

quite happen this time around.

"Dawn," despite rave reviews, and what seemed to be, at the

time, huge audience anticipation, took a

big drop in its second week of just over 50%, like so many other films this summer.

Considering the 60% or more second week drop-offs that

have been more common this season, the drop-off for "Dawn" looks more

promising. Not great, mind you, but it’s sure better than many other films.

And that brings back the question that I keep posing – what

is the reason for these massive b.o. drop-offs? Is it because of the films? Audience boredom

with what’s currently out, looking for something different? Or is it simply that

most of these films appeal to a certain segment (the geek fanboys), who rush out

to see them in their first week, but don’t appeal to the broader audience?

Of course, with the foreign box office (right now at

$101.5 million), "Dawn" is going to be a huge moneymaker for Fox, but, no doubt, studios are worried about this summer of

gloom at the box office, and what this bodes for the future. What are they going

to do?

For example, despite making some $705 million worldwide

total, there are signs that Sony is increasingly becoming reluctant to push

ahead with an "Amazing Spider Man 3" film. True, $705 million sounds like a huge

hit, but, not really, when you consider the fact that the film cost a reported

$255 million to make, and another $75 million for promotion and advertising  (Here’s

a hint – how about making more original films on smaller budgets?).

And all this still doesn’t make things looks promising

for Marvel’s upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy," which most likely could open well

(but not spectacularly), and suffer a huge drop offs the following weeks.

And this comes with the news, earlier this week, when it

was revealed that Marvel is currently developing a production slate of films

up until the year 2021. Seriously? They really believe that there’s going to be

an interest in superhero movies seven years from now? (Hey, who knows if there still will be movies seven years from now?).

Meanwhile, "The Purge Anarchy," the sequel to last year’s

surprise summer sleeper hit, the ultra low budget "The Purge," came in second, with

over $28 million. Considering that the sequel’s budget was a low $9 million, the

film is already in the black.

Disney’s animated film "Planes: Fire & Rescue," came in

third with $16 million; while the not-so-raunchy sex comedy "Sex Tape" was a

disappointment, coming in fourth with $15


Meanwhile Richard Linklater’s film "Boyhood" continues to

be an art house hit, now playing in 34 screens, with $1.2 million to date; and it

expends to another 25 cities next weekend.

1) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Fox $36,000,000 Total: $138,953,000 

2) The Purge: Anarchy Uni. $28,369,000 

3) Planes: Fire & Rescue BV $18,000,000 

4) Sex Tape Sony $15,000,000 

5) Transformers: Age of Extinction Par. $10,000,000 Total: $227,157,000 

6) Tammy WB $7,605,000  Total: $71,253,000 

7) 22 Jump Street Sony $4,700,000  Total: $180,509,000  

8)  How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fox $3,800,000 Total:  $160,672,000 

9) Maleficent BV $3,302,000 Total:  $228,367,000 

10) Earth to Echo Rela. $3,260,000 Total: $31,979,000 

11) Begin Again Wein. $2,762,000 Total: $9,488,000 

12) America LGF $1,725,000 Total: $11,469,000

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