Weekend B.O. May 20-22 (The World Loves The Captain)
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Weekend B.O. May 20-22 (The World Loves The Captain)


Even though it came in second place this week “Captain America Civil War” did it, and in near record time too.

I’m referring to the fact that the film is the biggest grossing film so far this year, both domestically and worldwide. With a domestic total to date at $347.4 million and worldwide totals at just over $1 billion in just two weeks, that makes it one of the fastest grossing films ever. Only “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which grossed a billion in 12 days, and “Jurassic World,” which did it in 13, were faster. Evidently people really really like “Captain America.” It must be doing something right.

And in a totally unexpected side note, “Ride Along 2″ has grossed” so far this year, $125 million worldwide. Who knew? Yet another example that challenges the lie that black films don’t sell overseas.

“The Angry Birds” was No. 1 this weekend, with $39 million, which was actually $6-7 million less than what was predicted for the film; and “Neighbors: Sorority Rising,” also did less than expected with $21 million. Both films also received mainly bad reviews, so it won’t be so surprising when they both post huge drop-offs in box office numbers next weekend.

The real surprise disappointment was the much heralded 70’s based buddy action comedy, “The Nice Guys,” which Warners pulled out all stops for with, by last count, 5 different trailers and even an animated short. But despite all efforts, the film only managed to pull in $11 million – much less than the $19-20 million it was expected to make this weekend.

Maybe it was released at the wrong time. Perhaps August would have been a better month for it instead of May, during the beginning of the summer movie onslaught. Who knows? But the studio is no doubt hoping that word of mouth will keep it aloft for a couple more weeks.

“The Jungle Book” is still holding very strong with $327.5 million domestically and another $530 million overseas. and “Money Monster” dropped 52% from last week, with $27 million total so far.

1) The Angry Birds Movie Sony $39,000,000

2) Captain America: Civil War BV $33,114,000 Total: $347,390,153

3) Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Uni. $21,790,000

4) The Nice Guys WB $11,270,000

5) The Jungle Book (2016) BV $11,017,000 -Total: $327,497,565

6) Money Monster TriS $7,080,000 Total: $27,103,677

7) The Darkness HTR $2,363,000 Total: $8,460,482

8) Zootopia BV $1,703,000 Total: $334,403,528

9) The Huntsman: Winter’s War Uni. $1,190,000 Total: $46,668,690

10) Mother’s Day ORF $1,115,214 Total: $31,288,936

11) Barbershop: The Next Cut WB $845,000 Total: $52,714,430

12) The Meddler SPC $777,539 Total: $2,043,460

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