Weekend B.O. May 22-24 (What’s the Point, Seriously?)
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Weekend B.O. May 22-24 (What’s the Point, Seriously?)

nullFirst of all, sorry for the delay folks. I would have had this yesterday as usual on Sunday, but this is a holiday weekend, so, of course, nobody was around reporting on b.o. tallies

this weekend. The numbers have now come out, and they only cover Friday through

Sunday, so every total you see below will be much higher when the Sunday night/Monday figures are added in.

However, one

question I have about this weekend’s opening is why anyone would think that a remake of the

1980 horror film, "Poltergeist," was a good idea… We know that Hollywood is afraid

of original ideas, but, seriously has it come to this?

Now the original

1982 version, directed by Tobe Hooper ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre") and

co-directed by exec producer Steven Spielberg (uncredited), may not be one of the great

horror films, but it sure is a lot of fun. And it’s surprisingly grisly for a

PG-rated horror film, and it has with a scene stealing turn by the diminutive

Zelda Rubenstein as the ghost hunter, whose role in the remake is now played by

some forgettable, old fashioned Irish priest. It’s as if they didn’t even

try with this remake.

And I’m

willing to bet that this new retread, which is more than 20 minutes shorter than the original,

is, no doubt, totally devoid of the slyly satirical Reagan era consumerism commentary.

Practically every review for the remake has been pretty wretched.

However, the

film came in fourth this holiday weekend, with $22.6 million, which is not bad for the modestly budgeted film. But, how

well it will hold is another question altogether.

As for

Disney’s big summer release, "Tomorrowland," it came in first with just under $33 million

($41.7 as of Monday), which isn’t great. Considering the film’s reported $175

million budget, it needed a lot better b.o. opening numbers than that.


possibly, one major factor against it was that, no one had any clear idea just

what the hell the movie is supposed to be about. A lot of flash and dazzle and

cool images, but what’s story, for crying out loud? In fact, even after reading

the reviews for the film (most of them were mixed), I still can’t tell

you exactly what the hell is the film is about. Right now, unless the

overseas figures – especially in Asia where it’s expected to do well – are really strong, the film looks headed to be one of the first big b.o. bombs of the summer

film season. There always are a few course, but this one must hurt

Disney because they believed that they had something special.

And are

there any black people in this film? I didn’t see any in any trailers or film

clips. I keep thinking about Richard Pryor’s old line, about the scariest film he

ever saw being “Logan’s Run,” because it was a sci-fi film, set in the future, but

with no black people in it, which made him think: “They’re not planning for us to be around by


Last week’s

no. 1, "Perfect Pitch 2," was second, with

$30.8 with million, and $109 million to date (perhaps $125 million by

Tuesday). I have no explanation. What gives? Who can explain this to me? Is the

American public just that corny, and out of step?

As for "Mad

Max: Fury Road," there is a lot of good news. The film pulled in $24.8 million by

Sunday ($32 million by Monday), for a total of about $95 million, which

means it is headed for at least $150 million domestically. Add to that

the $124.3 million the film has made overseas, in 68 countries so far, with a lot

more to come, and the film still looks good for a $500 million worldwide total.

1) Tomorrowland  BV  $32,972,000 

2) Pitch Perfect 2  Uni.  $30,830,000  Total:  $109,597,000 

3) Mad Max: Fury Road  WB  $24,815,000  Total: $88,255,000 

4) Poltergeist  Fox  $22,600,000  Total: $22,589,000 

5) Avengers: Age of Ultron  BV  $21,691,000  Total:  $404,861,000 

6) The Age of Adaline  LGF  $15,000,000  Total: $39,900,000 

7) Hot Pursuit  WB  $3,610,000  Total: $29,055,000 

8) Furious 7  Uni.  $2,232,000  Total: $347,125,000 

9) Far from the Madding Crowd  FoxS  $2,200,000  Total: $5,448,000 

10) Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2  Sony  $1,875,000  Total: $65,698,000 

11) Home  Fox  $1,753,000  Total: $168,068,000 

12) Ex Machina  A24  $1,423,000  Total: $21,947,000 

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