Weekend B.O. May 4-6 (How Did "Man" Do Against "Avengers"?)
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Weekend B.O. May 4-6 (How Did "Man" Do Against "Avengers"?)


All things considered, not bad at all. The film came in this weekend second after The Avengers. Albeit a very, very distant second, of course, with $8 million, but that's a very solid figure and the fact there were a lot of people who didn't go see the Marvel comic book film and chose Man instead speaks for itself.

With a total gross right now of just over $73 million, the film is definitely on it's way to an excellent $90 million domestic gross and possibly could hit $100 million depending on how it holds up the rest of the month against Avengers, Dark Shadows and MIB III when they come out. (Notice I didn't mention Battleship…)

1) Marvel's The Avengers BV $200,300,000

2) Think Like a Man SGem $8,000,000 Total: $73,029,000

3) The Hunger Games LGF $5,700,000 Total:$380,727,000

4) The Lucky One WB $5,510,000 Total:$47,917,000

5) The Pirates! Band of Misfits Sony $5,400,000  Total:$18,563,000

6) The Five-Year Engagement Uni. $5,100,000 Total:$19,200,000

7) The Raven Rela. $2,508,000 Total: $12,047,000

8) Safe LGF $2,470,000 Total: $12,874,000

9) Chimpanzee BV $2,395,000 Total: $23,012,000

10) The Three Stooges Fox $1,800,000 Total: $39,637,000

11) The Cabin in the Woods LGF $1,550,000 Total: $38,004,000

12) 21 Jump Street Sony $1,050,000 Total: $133,985,000


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