Weekend B.O. May 6-8 (Summer's Here!)
Photo Credit: "Captain America: Civil War"

Weekend B.O. May 6-8 (Summer's Here!)

“Captain America: Civil War”

Here we go – it’s summer time!

Well not actually summer, but the summer film season that is, which officially started this weekend with “Captain America: Civil War.” Of course, last week, there were predictions of how big the the hotly anticipated film would open, and what records it would break. The answer is that it opened pretty big alright, and it did break some records.

The film opened with $181.7 million which puts it in fifth place of the all time highest weekend openings, beating out the previous fifth place record holder, “Iron Man 3.” And there already are predictions that the film will gross over half a billion dollars domestically. What it will do worldwide total is anyone’s guess, but it will definitely make over $1 billion, since the film is already in fifth place as one of the highest grossing films worldwide so far this year, with $678 million.

As for other films opening this weekend, “The Jungle Book” came in second with $21.8 million. With a total gross so far of almost $285 million, it’s not surprising that Disney made a deal with the director and writer of the film to make a sequel, two weeks before the film opened. They knew what they had. And “Barbershop: The Next Cut” is still hanging on in sixth place with a respectable $49 million to date.

In other news, “Zooptropia” still holds the title of being the highest grossing film of the year, worldwide, with over $956,000,000, heading for a cool one billion worldwide; though, as stated, Captain America” will surpass will equal and surpass that mark. However, what is interesting is that the sixth highest grossing film worldwide this year is a film that, no doubt, you have never heard of.  It’s the Chinese action fantasy film “The Mermaid” directed by Stephen Chow (“Kung Fu Hustle” and “Journey to the West”) and released by Sony Pictures.

Though the film has made only $3 million domestically, it has grossed over $552 million worldwide so far, once again proving the importance and the might of the overseas box office. If you’re curious to see what the film looks like, check out the trailer below after the numbers.

1) Captain America: Civil War BV $181,791,000

2) The Jungle Book BV $21,873,000 Total: $284,985,265

3) Mother’s Day ORF $9,006,141 Total: $20,725,561

4) The Huntsman: Winter’s War Uni. $3,580,000 Total: $40,363,620

5) Keanu WB $3,080,000 Total: $15,100,937

6) Barbershop: The Next Cut WB $2,700,000 Total: $48,768,843

7) Zootopia BV $2,677,000 Total: $327,624,990

8) The Boss Uni. $1,750,000 Total: $59,102,460

9) Ratchet & Clank Focus $1,462,000 Total: $7,095,633

10) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice WB $1,045,000 Total: $327,250,133

11) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Uni. $513,000 Total: $58,155,665

12) Eye in the Sky BST $512,259 Total: $17,251,406

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