Weekend B.O. Nov.1-3 (This ‘Game’ Won't Surpass ‘Games’)
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Weekend B.O. Nov.1-3 (This ‘Game’ Won't Surpass ‘Games’)



Entertainment’s great hope that they found their own Twilight or Hunger Games tentpole movie

series fell way short of the mark.

Their Ender’s Game was No.1 this weekend, but making

what’s considered to be a something of a disappointment with an opening $28 million. Compare that to what insiders are already predicting

that Catching Fire, the second

installment of the Hunger Games series which opens on Nov. 22, could gross as much

as $150 million its opening weekend.

Why Ender’s Game, which is based on a 1985 popular book written

by Orson Scott Card and spawned a

series of sequels, didn’t do the blockbuster business that was hoped, is anybody’s guess.

There was some talk about starting a boycott against the

film due to Card’s own extreme right wing, Tea Partyish political views in which

he has compared President Obama to “Hitler” and “Stalin” and that Obama was planning to start a “national police force of young

out-of-work urban men.” (Sounds like Card has watched Birth of a Nation one too many times. Which make me wonder what Viola Davis, who’s in Ender’s Game, feels

about being in the film?) However no organized boycott ever materialized.

Meanwhile Disney/Marvel’s

Thor: The Dark World which opens here in the U.S. this Friday and will, of course, be No.1 next weekend, opened with

a very impressive $109.4 million overseas in 38 countries this weekend making it the fourth largest

international opening this year.


Bad Grandpa held on very solidly for a second place finish

this weekend.

And continuing in strength is 12 Years a Slave which took in $4.6

million in 410 screens, an increase from 123 theaters last week, with total

so far of over $8.7 million an impressive

figure in only after 17 days in limited release.

1) Ender’s Game LG/S $28,000,000 –

2) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Par. $20,500,000 Total: $62,058,000 

3) Last Vegas CBS $16,520,000 

4) Free Birds Rela. $16,200,000 

5) Gravity WB $13,130,000 Total: $219,196,000 

6) Captain Phillips Sony $8,500,000  Total: $82,551,000 

7) 12 Years a Slave FoxS $4,600,000 Total: $8,760,000 

8) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $4,200,000 – Total: $106,195,000 

9) Carrie SGem $3,400,000 -Total: $31,973,000 

10) The Counselor Fox $3,250,000 Total: $13,368,000

11) Escape Plan LG/S $2,280,000 Total: $21,600,000 

12) About Time Uni. $1,100,000 

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