Weekend B.O. Nov. 7-9 (The Doldrums Are Over, But Not Quite as Expected)
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Weekend B.O. Nov. 7-9 (The Doldrums Are Over, But Not Quite as Expected)

nullAfter a few

weeks of the box office in the doldrums, with some lackluster numbers, there

was a very welcome jump this weekend, due to 2 highly anticipated releases

There was,

of course, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film spectacle "Interstellar," which got

all the attention. Some love it to death (one friend calls it one of greatest

films he’s ever seen, and he’s seen everything; and he hated

the "Dark Knight" trilogy). Others, such as our own Andre Seewood, who, according to

his Facebook page, think it’s basically nothing but an overrated load of pretentious

twaddle. And I even I admit I still couldn’t figure out what the hell was going

on during the last 30 minutes of the film. At least, one thing is for sure – it’s

got people talking.

But surprisingly

(not to me however), is that the film did not perform as well as expected, pulling

in $50 million, which is far short of the projected $65-70 million that analysts were


Was it possibly

because of the film’s nearly 3-hour length, which cuts into the number of

times the film can be screened per day; or maybe because it’s too convoluted for

its own good? Who knows?

The film, as

I thought it would, got beat out by Disney’s animated movie "Big Hero 6," with $56

million, which should not be a surprise, considering that Disney animated films always do well ("Frozen" is still the highest grossing animated film ever), and

that "Big Hero 6" is based on a Marvel comic book, which means that the film

already had a fanboy base to built on.

But both

films will no doubt continue to have very strong b.o. legs, and will rack up the

dough for the next few weeks.

However, the

biggest per screen average by far was for "The Theory of Everything," the film

about the early life and marriage of Steven Hawkins, which grossed $207,000 on

only 5 screens, for a $41,000 per screen average.

With the exception

of "Nighcrawler," last week’s no. 1 film, which took a huge drop, all the other films

in the top ten stayed pretty much where they were last weekend.

1) Big Hero 6  BV  $56,200,000 

2) Interstellar  Par.  $50,000,000 

3) Gone Girl  Fox  $6,100,000  Total: $145,428,000 

4) Ouija  Uni.  $6,017,000 Total: $43,472,000 

5) St. Vincent  Wein.  $5,707,000  Total: $27,356,000 

6) Nightcrawler  ORF  $5,512,000 Total: $19,756,000 

7) Fury  Sony  $5,500,000  Total: $69,268,000 

8) John Wick  LG/S  $4,075,000  Total: $34,745,000 

9) Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day  BV  $3,495,000  Total: $59,208,000 

10) The Book of Life   Fox  $2,800,000  -Total: $45,215,000 

11) Birdman  FoxS  $2,300,000  Total: $8,086,000 

12) The Judge  WB  $1,770,000  Total: $42,580,000 

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