Weekend B.O. Oct. 12-14 ('Nowhere' Opens To Biggest Per Screen Average This Weekend)
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Weekend B.O. Oct. 12-14 ('Nowhere' Opens To Biggest Per Screen Average This Weekend)

nullTo start off with some good news, Ava DuVernay's Middle Of Nowhere opened to the biggest per screen average of any film currently in release.  But we'll get to that in just a moment.

First of all, Taken 2 once again made the top spot on this weekend's B.O. list, with Ben Affleck's Iranian hostage thriller Argo coming in a close 2nd. 

However the horror film Sinister, which came in at No.3, actually beat both Taken and Argo on Friday, leading some to guess that it might be a surprise come-of-out-nowhere winner this weekend. However, its third place $18 million finish is a solid result.

But getting back to Middle of Nowhere. The film, in its intial limited 6-screen opening, pulled in roughly $78,000, averaging $13,000 per screen, giving it the biggest per-screen total for any film currently in theaters; even making twice the per screen figures of both Taken and Argo.

That's excellent news! And with the extraordinary positive word of mouth, and great reviews it's been getting, such as the N.Y. Times' rave this past Friday (HERE), it looks like things are going to go well indeed for the continued box office success of the film.

Here's this week's list

1) Taken 2 Fox $22,500,000 Total: $86,759,000

2) Argo WB $20,120,000

3) Sinister Sum. $18,250,000

4) Hotel Transylvania Sony $17,300,000 Total: $102,193,000

5) Here Comes the Boom Sony $12,000,000

6) Pitch Perfect Uni. $9,336,000 Total: $36,085,000

7) Frankenweenie BV $7,014,000 Total: $22,035,000

8) Looper TriS $6,300,000 Total: $51,442,000

9) Seven Psychopaths CBS $4,275,000

10) The Perks of Being a Wallflower Sum. $2,166,000 Total: $6,151,000

11) Atlas Shrugged: Part II ADC $1,708,000

12) End of Watch ORF $1,703,000 Total: $36,375,000

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