Weekend B.O. Oct. 16-18 (Stretching Themselves Out Thin)
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Weekend B.O. Oct. 16-18 (Stretching Themselves Out Thin)


With so many films opening this weekend, expanding to more screens, or still doing good business, it was certain that no film would stand out this weekend in terms of box office. And whether you like horror, drama, sci-fi or something for the kids, there’s a movie playing right now to suit your fancy.

Steven Spielberg’s Cold War drama "Bridge of Spies" with Tom Hanks was a film clearly aimed at older filmgoers (nothing wrong with that), and it came in third place with just over $15 million, making it the lowest opening for any Spielberg film since 2004’s "The Terminal."

But the very positive reviews it has received, as well as the great word of mouth will ensure that it has box office legs and will hang around for a while. Also, the fact the the film cost a mere $40 million, pretty modest for a Spielberg studio film, and will no doubt do huge business overseas, where the subject matter will perhaps resonate more, will guarantee that the film will be a box office hit in the long run.

However, the no. 1 film, not surprisingly, is the kid’s horror movie, "Goosebumps," with $23.5 million. The enduing popularity of the book series by R.L. Stine practically guaranteed an excellent opening for the film, and couldn’t come at a better time for Sony Pictures, which is desperately in need of some solid box office hits this year.

However, Guillermo Del Toro’s horror film, "Crimson Peak," didn’t not do as well as expected, with a $12.8 million opening, which is far below what was hoped for. No doubt Universal expects good worth of mouth that will attract more viewers as it gets closer to Halloween.

The less than hoped for opening number was also a disappointment for fans of Del Toro’s previous film, "Pacific Rim," and who are hoping for a sequel, which is currently in development, still stuck in pre-production due to financing issues, since the first "Pacific Rim" was something of a worldwide b.o. letdown. Not that it did badly; but it didn’t do as well as was hoped for.

As for "Pan," not only did the film drop off nearly 62%, making it yet another huge b.o. bust for Warner Bros, after "Jupiter Ascending" and "The Man from UNCLE," it was also revealed that Warner will take a massive $150 million write off on "Pan," adding another insult to what has been a really bad year for the studio.

Universal’s "Steve Jobs" expanded from 4 to 60 screens across the country, making $1.5 million, with the second biggest per screen average this weekend. It was beaten by the highly acclaimed drama "Room" which opened in a limited release on just 4 screens, earning $30,000 per screen.

As for holdovers, "The Martian" is heading for $150 million this week, and will, no doubt, reach $200 million domestically, making it the highest grossing film ever for director Ridley Scott, beating out his previous all time highest grossing film, "Gladiator," which grossed $187 million domestically.

Finally, "Beasts of No Nation" did not fare so well with $50,000 on only 31 screens.

1) Goosebumps Sony $23,500,000 
2) The Martian Fox $21,500,000  Total:  $143,795,658 

3) Bridge of Spies BV $15,380,000 

4) Crimson Peak Uni. $12,850,000 

5) Hotel Transylvania 2 Sony $12,250,000  Total:  $136,409,388 

6) Pan WB $5,860,000 Total:  $25,738,183 

7) The Intern WB $5,405,000  Total:  $58,730,982 

8) Sicario LGF $4,500,000  Total:  $34,662,613 

9) Woodlawn PFR $4,100,000 

10) Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Fox $2,750,000 -Total:  $75,411,970 

11) Steve Jobs Uni. $1,550,000  Total:  $2,260,481 

12) Black Mass WB $1,270,000 Total:  $60,221,782

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