Weekend B.O. Oct. 25-27 (‘Grandpa’ Trumps ‘Gravity’)
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Weekend B.O. Oct. 25-27 (‘Grandpa’ Trumps ‘Gravity’)


Well, it had to happen sooner or later and Grandpa was the

one to do it.

Jackass’ shock comedy Bad Grandpa finally knocked Gravity

off its No.1 box office high perch, where it’s been for the past few weeks,

grossing some $32 million this weekend.

Some are already calling this development proof positive of the decline of

civilization. Oh Puhleeze…

I, on the other hand, say the better film won.

But seriously folks…

Ridley Scott’s The Consuelor, a film which was written by novelist Cormac McCarthy

(No Country for Old Men, Blue Meridian)

basically tanked with just $8 million. Not hard to see why. The film

is cold, brutal, extremely violent and unrelentlessly grim, with nasty, unlikable

unsympathetic characters. And yet I liked it.

And, as with anything by McCarthy, it’s loaded with tons of

his own patented pretentious dialogue. Why say anything in 8 words, when you

can say it in a wordy, heavy handed monologue?

As I said to someone, I would HATE to be at a dinner a party sitting next to McCarthy. I would

ask him to pass the biscuits and he would instead give me a verbose 10 minute

speech on the futility of life, before he grabs a knife and cuts off my head.

And 12 Years A

Slave cracked the top ten, coming in at No. 8, with just over $3.4 million to date, on only 123 screens. It had the second highest

average gross per screen at $17,500.

The film with the highest per screen average was Blue is the Warmest Color, the three

hour long, Cannes Palm D’Or award-winning lesbian romance (or as I like call it girl-girl action) by

French/Tunisian filmmaker Abdellatif

Kechiche (Black Venus) which opened on only 4 screens with over $25,000

per screen.

1) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Par. $32,000,000 

2) Gravity WB $20,300,000 Total: $199,814,000 

3) Captain Phillips Sony $11,800,000 Total: $70,074,000 

4) The Counselor Fox $8,000,000 

5) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $6,100,000 Total: $100,611,000 

6) Carrie SGem $5,900,000 Total: $26,021,000 

7) Escape Plan LG/S $4,340,000  Total: $17,424,000 

8) 12 Years a Slave FoxS $2,150,000 +Total: $17,480 $3,410,000 

9) Enough Said FoxS $1,555,000 Total: $13,021,000 

10) Prisoners WB $1,063,000 -Total: $59,122,000 

11) Insidious Chapter 2 FD $883,000 Total: $82,136,000 

12) Rush Uni. $697,000 Total: $25,853,000

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