Weekend Box Office Nov. 10-12 : 'Thor: Ragnarok' still reigns

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November 13th 2017

Thor: Ragnarok was as expected once again the No. 1 film this weekend with $56.6 million and almost $211.6 domestically. So far, it has made over $650 million worldwide, heading for one billion globally -- or pretty close to that. That makes the film's Maori director, Taika Waititi, one of the most financially successful box office directors of color ever in the film business.

But the plain truth is that despite the huge successes of Thor and It, fall box office totals are way down from last year, and that's after the worst summer box office season in some 25 years. And it wasn't just in the U.S. alone. Box office totals worldwide have been down this year, even in China. You know things are bad when Warner Bros. big flop Geostorm is actually out grossing Blade Runner 2049 in China.

However, this Friday, there could be some relief when Warner/DC's Justice League opens. But then again, maybe not. The studio only just a few days ago, finally scheduled some last minute media screenings but with the provision that there is an embargo on all film reviews until - get this - Thursday at 11:50 p.m. In other words, no one is allowed to publish a review online until the very last minute early Friday morning when most people are asleep, and no reviews in print will appear until Saturday at the earliest. In other words, the film could be as bad as people have been fearing, and Warner Bros. doesn't want to bad news to come out until after people rush to see the film this coming weekend. We'll see.

For second place was a tight race between two film, but in the end, the comedy sequel Daddy's Home 2 edged out actor/director Kenneth Branagh's new film adaption of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. The comedy sequel landed in second place grossing $30 million compared to Orient Express which came in third with $28.2 million. However, Orient Express has a much better chance of being a box office success than Daddy's Home, since surprisingly, the budget for Orient Express despite its star-studded cast, being shot on 70MM film and expensive location work, actually cost $35 million less to make than Daddy's Home 2. And in addition, the universal global crossover appeal for Orient Express will no doubt will give it a huge advantage over Daddy's Home.

Coming up in fourth place was A Bad Moms Christmas, which with a total so far will no way match the huge gross what the first Bad Moms film made. Jigsaw dropped big again, placing fourth with $3.4 million and $34 million so far meaning that this could blessedly be the last we see of the Saw film franchise. We hope.

Tyler Perry's Boo! 2 dropped another 54 percent from last weekend with a total of almost $46 million. Still not a bad total, or maybe it is, depending on who you believe. And therein lies the mystery. The box office results are good if the earlier reports that the film cost somewhere around $10 million to make are true. However, that figure began to climb up from $10 million to $20 million then to $21 million and finally officially at $25 million. Admittedly that's kind of hard to believe, since Perry has never made a film for anywhere near that amount before. And keeping budgets as low as possible for a maximum profit at the box office has always been of major secrets for his success. And let's face it, none of his films have ever looked likw they cost anywhere near $25 million to make.

But if we take what is he says is true than Boo! 2 is turning out to become, perhaps, the biggest financial flop of his career. And keep in mind that his films get practically no overseas play at all, so he has to relay exclusively on the domestic market. Let's just say in case that $25 million sounds more like a case of an inflated budget...and ego.

However, this weekend the biggest winner was the Frances McDormand comedy/drama Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri which grossed an amazing $320,000 on on limited initial opening on just 4 screens for $80,000 per screen. The film is already being touted as not only a possible lock for a Best Actress nomination for McDormand, but to garner the actress her second Oscar for Best Actress.

1) Thor: Ragnarok BV $56,600,000 Total: $211,589,707
2) Daddy's Home 2 Par. $30,000,000
3) Murder on the Orient Express Fox $28,200,000
4) A Bad Moms Christmas STX $11,510,000 Total: $39,873,626
5) Jigsaw LGF $3,420,000 Total: $34,354,093
6) Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween LGF $2,070,000 Total: $45,920,463
7) Geostorm WB $1,545,000 Total: $31,623,892
8) Blade Runner 2049 WB $1,410,000 Total: $88,001,297
9) Happy Death Day Uni. $1,312,000 Total: $54,954,605
10) Lady Bird A24 $1,249,358 Total: $1,781,438
11) Let there be Light ADC $1,093,662 Total:$5,918,556
12) Only The Brave Sony $950,000 Total: $17,073,916

by Sergio Mims on November 13th 2017
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