Weekend Box Office (Sept 9-11)
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Weekend Box Office (Sept 9-11)

As expected Contagion was No 1, with The Help (AKA the film they cannot kill) as No.2. But the this weekend’s two biggest surprise were, first, the dismal opening take for Warrior, a film that Lionsgate was very high on. The film got fantastic responses from preview audiences and Lionsgste screened the hell out of the movie around the country (maybe too much so) and did a ton of publicity work for it yet it failed to catch fire.

It is a really good and well-acted film, but most likely filmgoers felt that it was a film that they’ve seen too often enough. A boxing (or in Warrior’s case a mixed martial arts) movie about an underdog fighter, from a highly dysfunctional family, who overcomes adversity to rise to the top. Hey wait, didn’t I see that already in The Fighter? Well yeah you have…

The other unexpected surprise was the strong showing, in limited release, of the vertically challenged comedian Kevin Hart’s stand up comedy film Laugh at My Pain, which grossed $2 million on only 97 screens. Is he really that popular? Could have fooled me.

1) Contagion WB $23,135,000
2) The Help BV $8,691,000 Total:$137,093,000
3) Warrior LGF $5,607,000
4) The Debt Focus $4,905,000 Total: $21,993,000
5) Colombiana TriS $4,000,000 Total: $29,779,000
6) Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox $3,875,000 Total: $167,836,000
7) Shark Night 3D Rela.$3,533,000 Total:$14,797,000
8) Apollo 18 W/Dim. $2,913,000 Total:$15,001,000
9) Our Idiot Brother Wein. $2,761,000m Total:$21,420,000
10) Spy Kids: All the Time in the World W/Dim. $2,506,000 Total:$34,227,000
11) Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark FD $2,261,000 Total:$21,095,000
12) Crazy, Stupid, Love. WB $2,180,000 Total:$78,429,000
13) Laugh at My Pain Code $2,000,000

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