Weekend Follies: Sammy Davis Jr Stumps The Panel On 'What's My Line?'
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Weekend Follies: Sammy Davis Jr Stumps The Panel On 'What's My Line?'

nullSince the weekends are always slow, here's something for your weekend amusement. It's a video clip I came across some months ago, that I found pretty intetesting.

It's from a May 1957 episode of the popular and very funny primetime game show What's My Line, which was on Sunday nights on CBS, from the early 1950's to the late 60's. The premise of the show, which baby boomers like me remember, was very simple, but clever.

A celebrity panel would have to try to guess, using only "Yes" or "No" questions, the occupation of several contestants which was revealed only to the studio and TV audience. And to make things tricky, the contestants always had some sort of unusual or bizzare job like a bra manufactuer or a poultry sniffer.

And one really nice touch with the show was that the panelists were required to always wear formal evening clothes, giving the show a feeling, not so much of a regular TV game show, but rather a sophisticated after diner parlor game, in some swank New York City Park Ave apartment.

But everyone loved the final regular Mystery Guest segment in which the blindfolded panel who have to guess the identity of some big name Hollywood movie star, or famous personality. Since, usually, the special guest in question had an instantly recognizable voice, they usually tried, but failed, to disguse their voice, which resulted in the panel guessing who the mystery guest was very quicky.

Unlike today, most movie stars back then had distinctive unique voices. Or as someone once said: "When was the last time you heard someone doing an impression of Brad Pitt?"

However, that wasn't the case with Sammy Davis Jr., who appeared on the show a few times. Aisde from being an actor, singer, dancer, comedian and all around performer, Davis was an incredible mimic, and a master impressionist. 

Though the panel does eventually figure out who he is, it takes much longer than usual, and they're obviously baflfed by Davis, who keeps changing his voice and even does dead-on impressions of Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and James Cagney.

In fact, you younger kids may find this hard to believe, but there was actually some controversy in regards to Davis' impressions.

Many people were outraged that a black man would actually dare to do impressions of famous white actors. Why, that sort of thing was totally out of line. These people are simply going to far. Before you know it they'll want to sit in the front of the bus.

Strange but true.


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