Wendy Williams Allegedly Shades Former NYC Radio Peers Angela Yee And Miss Jones
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bravo / Mindy Small

Wendy Williams Allegedly Shades Former NYC Radio Peers Angela Yee And Miss Jones

Wendy Williams is making more news for being controversial. This time, though, Williams is in trouble for what she didn’t say or do.

According to Page Six, the popular TV host and celebrity gossip queen didn’t stand up and take a picture with New York radio personalities Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club and hip-hop radio host Miss Jones. Yee and Jones wanted to take a picture with Williams and comedian Donnell Rawling while attending comedy club Caroline’s. But Williams didn’t join the radio personalities for the picture, leading club patrons to ask her why she wouldn’t take part. One person reportedly said, “If petty was a person.”

Williams is not far from the headlines. Recently, she has been making news for her interactions with Joseline’s Cabaret star Joseline Hernandez. While a guest on Williams’ show, Hernandez accused Williams of not treating her fairly, saying, “I have the number one show in the country.” She also told Williams she needed to “do better” with how she treats others while poking at Williams’ former relationship with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

“We love you but at the same time, you have to do better. You’re not in an abusive situation anymore.”

Hernandez has added to the situation, saying that she is glad she had words with Williams.

“She was very rude and as the host, no matter who you are, you still should be respectful to the people that sit in front of you and speak to you and give you their story…and their conversation…When she threw flowers at me, when she was being real disrespectful and not acknowledging the fact that when Latinas and Black women sit on her couch, she’s always going annihilation. She don’t give me my props for nothing that I do…I was like, ‘I don’t want to talk to that b–ch. I’m sick of her.”

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