What Daytime TV Shows Are African Americans Watching Most? (Chart)
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What Daytime TV Shows Are African Americans Watching Most? (Chart)

nullA new chart courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. A cleaner version below.

I'll just say that I don't watch ANY of these shows; certainly not with any regularity. It's probably been at least a decade (maybe more) since I last actually turned my TV on to watch Maury or Jerry Springer; I actually thought both shows were off the air, and were in re-runs. I guess not.

Just look at the chart – black audiences ALONE make up about 50% of the viewership for both shows. 

Wendy Williams and Trisha Goddard I can kind of understand (even if only because they are both black women), although I'm not a viewer of either show – each clocking over 55% black viewership. 

And who's Jeremy Kyle? I'd never heard of the fellow before today. So I looked him up, and, of course, his in the same mold as Springer, Maury, Goddard, with his DNA tests, lie detector tests, fights between guests, and all the usual dysfunctions.

We just love that shit, don't we? Just look at the shows that we watch in bulk; Aside from Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey, whose shows are more general variety shows, the others are mostly what would be referred to as low-brow: Maury, Springer, Kyle, Wilkos, and Goddard.

It all makes me feel like I'm totally out of touch.

So, what're you guys watching?

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