What Would You Say Is The Most Important Black Film Of The Decade?
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What Would You Say Is The Most Important Black Film Of The Decade?

Funny but we haven’t asked this question before on S & A, so why not go ahead ask it now. What, in your opinion, is the most important black film of the past decade? For me the answer is pretty obvious… Precious.

Now wait! Before some of you, I’m sure, start foaming at the mouth and calling me every name in book (though that’s happens often enough), think about it.

Whether you love the film or think it’s the vilest, most degrading film ever made (and we all know there are arguments on both sides) name me another black film (and remember we’re talking about one that came out nearly two years ago) that has provoked as much heated and intense disscussion as Precious, and still does today? That in itself makes Precious a unique and important film.

I know of one person who has a DVD of the film, and yet still refuses to watch it. Despite her curiosity to see the film, just the very idea of its subject matter and what happens in it, is simply too much for her to even watch it. So the DVD just sits on a shelf collecting dust.

That has to be one hell of a film that you can’t even bring yourself to watch, even though it’s within easy reach. And it’s not because it’s boring or it’s about something you have zero interest in, or stars someone you don’t care about, or can’t stand. But because you feel that it’s too intense, too much of an overwhelmingly emotional experience just to watch.

When I talked to director Lee Daniels shortly after the film came out, I asked him if he set out to make a controversial film, and he said that he didn’t. He wanted to make a film to help people.

Sorry, no disrespect to him, but I didn’t (and still don’t) buy that at all. He wanted to make a controversial film from a controversial book and I have absolutely no problem with that. What’s wrong with that? I think it’s great, and more importantly essential, to make movies to get people all riled up. All black filmmakers should make all types of film and that includes controversial, daring ones as well.

Would you rather make a film that gets no response at all instead of one that does, no matter what that response might be?

So that’s why I pick Precious. I’m sure you have your own opinions on what the most important black film of the decade is and why. So tell us! And DON’T just give out a title. Explain why you believe it is.

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