Why Mara Brock Akil Says She's Done 'Begging For Someone To See The Value' Of A 'Girlfriends' Movie
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Why Mara Brock Akil Says She's Done 'Begging For Someone To See The Value' Of A 'Girlfriends' Movie

For some time now, there have been heavy murmurs of a Girlfriends movie.

Back in May, Jill Marie Jones even said that all of the cast was down for it.

“We all want to do it,” she said. ” I think it’s a timing thing and also the legal stuff. When you sell a script, you don’t actually own it anymore so whatever CBS and Paramount want to do.”

Now, series creator Mara Brock Akil, who says she already has a script written for a Girlfriends movie, is giving some insight.

She tells Vulture:

“Yeah, you can tell any studio in town: If they got 50 to 60 million, I already have the script. We can make an epic story and we can make a lot of money, but me hustling and knocking on doors begging to do this story is not where it is anymore. It deserves somebody to see the value in it and write that check. That’s what it’s about. People often think I have the power. Well, I have a lot of creative input, I know the vision of it, but I need the money. That’s what this industry is all about — supporting artists and supporting storytellers and hearing the audience for what they want and need. There still is a lack of value for what black women want, yet we have proven to be one of the strongest consumers in the marketplace. Yet we still are undervalued about what we want and need So, yeah, I have a script. It’ll be great. But I can’t keep worrying about that and hustling that because I wouldn’t have come up with Nuri and Yasir. I wouldn’t have helped launch Black Lightning. I have a lot more stories in me. Begging someone to see the value of Girlfriends, I can’t do it anymore.”

For an uber-successful show like Girlfriends, are you surprised that a film on the series can’t find a studio, especially on the heels of a successful film like Girls Trip? 

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