Why ‘The View’ Badly Needs Raven-Symoné
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Why ‘The View’ Badly Needs Raven-Symoné

nullSo, in case

you haven’t heard, it’s been reported that talks are underway with ABC and the

producers of “The View,” for Raven-Symoné to join the show as a permanent

co-host. It seems, in just a blink of an eye, that she has gone from the cute

little Olivia on “The Cosby Show,” to her new status as everyone’s favorite

wacky aunt.

But, the fact

of the matter is that, no matter what you may think of her, and some of the nutty things she’s said (like being from “every continent in Africa” – see below), the

network and "The View" need her badly.

Why? Because

of ratings of course.

"The View" has

been one of ABC’s flagship programs since it first premiered 18 years ago, in 1997.

However, it shouldn’t be any surprise that, after all these years, its ratings

have gradually dropped.

The network has been

trying all that they can think of to boost ratings for the talk show, with cast changes, and even

bringing back the controversial Rosie O’ Donnell. Though that didn’t help the ratings

in any way, and O’ Donnell suddenly left the show after a short spell, for still unclear reasons.

In fact, CBS’ rip off talk show, “The Talk,” has been beating "The View" in audience numbers and

ratings, though by just under 100,000 viewers. But a victory is still a victory, especially when it comes to ad revenue.


according to TV By The Numbers,  when

Raven-Symoné appeared on the show as a guest co-host, the ratings for "The View" jumped through the roof, beating "The Talk" by 50%. So it should be no wonder that they’re anxious to

have her on permanently.

They’ve even been talking about her on CBS’ "The Talk," and

you know that the network would also just love to have her as co-host on their show.

Of course, given all the press she’s received lately, for all the controversial things she’s been saying, people are definitely curious about Raven-Symoné, if only to see what kind of wacky shit she’s going to say next. One could

argue that she is well aware of what she’s doing, and playing along in what is effectively the role of

the "wild card." Or, actually, it could be that this is who she really is, with no pretenses, take it or leave it.

But whether

she’s putting on a performance, or just being her real self, when it comes to ratings, nothing is

too far-fetched, and there’s no network that wouldn’t stoop so low to get them.

The question

is, when she comes on board for good, will you be watching? (And be honest).

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