Wil Sylvince-Created NBC-Sponsored ShortCuts Film Festival In NYC, Aug 20, 21, In LA 8/22
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Wil Sylvince-Created NBC-Sponsored ShortCuts Film Festival In NYC, Aug 20, 21, In LA 8/22


In the world of film, we usually are familiar with those in front of the cameras. Yet, how well are we acquainted with the producers? Screenwriters? Directors? How do they all come together and work on a project? How do they financially build and promote these projects? When the project is completed, where can it be showcased? One of the main goals for filmmakers is to see their work premiere in film festivals. But not all films have their debut at the Cannes or Sundance.

For those reasons, comedian Wil Sylvince created the ShortCuts Film Festival; which is sponsored by NBC. This yearly event takes place in New York and in Los Angeles. It was founded as an outcome of his own experience of transitioning from standup comedy to acting, producing and directing films. This festival started off with only short comedic films. As the years passed, filmmakers began to submit different genres; which today the four categories are comedy, horror, sci-fi and drama.

Wil has expressed the importance of needing more people of color in the world of filmmaking; stressing the meaning of “people of color” being Asian descent, African descent, Latino descent and more. The shortcut film festival is meant to give filmmakers an opportunity to win a pitch with NBC. He has shared from his experience how difficult it can be to debut a movie due to financial budgeting; finding the right sponsors; where it can launched and more. Therefore, the entry of this festival is free. Not only do filmmakers and audience will have a chance to look at screenings, but have the opportunity to interact in a panel discussion with Q&As.

This is year is the 8th annual Shortcut Film Festival and it is taking place at School Visual Arts Theater (SVA) in New York City, NY on August 20th and August 21st. As well, for the very first time continue in Los Angeles, CA on August 22nd

Comedian and VH1’s Best Week Ever star Sherrod Small will host the first night where the panel discussion will be about “How to Pitch, Market, and Fund your Project.” and the Short Cuts Semi-Final Screening will occur. 

On the second day former staff writer of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live (SNL) Hannibal Burress will be the host; there will be no panel discussion but will feature a semi-final screening. 

For more information please visit www.nbcshortcuts.com

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