Will Ghost Be Able to Pull Off the Performance of His Life? Recapping the ‘Power’ Season 4 Premiere
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Will Ghost Be Able to Pull Off the Performance of His Life? Recapping the ‘Power’ Season 4 Premiere

Ghost is living his worst nightmare. As “When I Get Out” opens, he finds himself being booked in prison. As he disrobes, he reflects back to all of the warnings Tommy and Tasha gave him about Angela. He realizes that every poor decision he’s made regarding her has led him to this moment and yet, he’s almost in disbelief.

At the river, Sandoval is preparing to dispose of the gun he used to kill Greg Knox when he gets the call about Ghost’s arrest. This news changes his plans, and walks away from the river, with the gun still in his jacket pocket. Meanwhile, in some deep dungeon somewhere, Tommy goes to retrieve Keisha who has been in hiding since Milan put a hit out on her. The two exchange a look. Could it be something between them?

At her home, Tasha is still reeling from the news of Tariq’s kidnapping. Unable to get in contact with a now imprisoned Ghost she calls Tommy who orders Dre to find out where the boy is. Arriving at Kanan and Jukebox’s hideout, Dre strikes a deal with the volatile duo and their friend. He agrees to pay them $50,000 a week as long as they leave Tariq alone. Dre also tells them about Ghost’s arrest. The news leaves Kanan positively gleeful. When Dre brings Tariq home, he feeds Tasha and Tommy a ridiculous story that Tommy doesn’t believe. If you recall, Tommy and Tasha think Kanan is dead. However, Tariq’s twin sister Rena also knows Kanan’s face. Dre’s gonna die over this; it’s only a matter of time.

In jail, Ghost uses his phone call to contact his attorney Joe Proctor who seems to have his ish to deal with. Proctor tells Tasha about Ghost’s arrest. Proctor visits Ghost in jail, and he tells him he needs to embody James St. Patrick while imprisoned. Ghost has no place there. We also learn that the feds have Ghost’s fingerprints and DNA. Though Ghost tries to hold it together as he awaits is the bail hearing, one of the guards played by the late Charlie Murphy has no patience for cop killers, and he begins the antagonization and mind games.

With Ghost’s bail hearing a day away, Tasha goes in search of clean money to bail him out only to learn that Ghost has wiped their accounts. She also finds the necklace that he brought Angela. In the midst of this, the feds appear at Tasha and Ghost’s penthouse with Angela in tow. (Homegirl has a lot of nerve.) Rena arrives home as the search warrant is being carried out and gives Angela a much-deserved dragging.

Out streets, Tommy announces that with Milan out of the picture, he is the new connect. He also informs the crew that Julio is the new distributor. Dre is pissed about the news and confronts Tommy. Tommy tells him Julio has been fam forever, and he also lets Dre know that he doesn’t believe a word he was told about Tariq’s friend Slim. Tommy knows Dre isn’t to be trusted.

In jail, the new federal attorney who has taken over Ghost’s case is trying to turn a prisoner named Tony Teresi into his witness. He wants Tony to give him names about some killings that have gone cold. Surely this will be important later. The new attorney also lets Angela know that she is completely off the case.

Out of options for bail money, Tasha visits Ghosts in jail. She’s horrified to see him in his orange jumpsuit, but she’s also pissed. She informs him right then that there is nothing he could ever do to make his indiscretions up to her. However, he does make himself useful by telling her where to get the bail money from.

Towards the end of the episode, Ghost’s bail hearing finally does arrive. Tasha is present with the money in hand to get him out. Proctor argues that Ghost is an upstanding citizen with no priors. However, because Greg was a fed, the judge decides that no bail will be granted. Horrified and truly afraid, Ghost turns to Angela as he’s being cuffed to say, “You can’t really think I did this?” She replies, “No Jamie, I know you didn’t’.” Angela wants Ghost heads on a spike no matter what the cost.

As the season four premiere of “Power” comes to a close, Tasha returns to her apartment which has been ripped apart by the feds, Kanan gets back in contact with Tariq, and Ghost gets his a gruesome beating courtesy of the prison guards. It’s going to be a long bloody road ahead.

“Power” airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on Starz.

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