'WingChick' Webseries Will Tackle Love, Dating And The Art Of Intimacy For The 'Habitual Homegirl'
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'WingChick' Webseries Will Tackle Love, Dating And The Art Of Intimacy For The 'Habitual Homegirl'

Stories centering around black women are still fairly sparse in Hollywood. Despite the success of HBO’s Insecure and news that the network s adapting Brown Girls, another web series, for television, many studios are behind the curve. With the paradigms shifting in terms of how we digest creative content, various television studios are seemingly not inclined towards adapting online webseries into TV shows. It’s a not so wise business move on their part, considering many can serve as blueprints for new content, new voices and cater to marginalized communities starved to see more of themselves on screen. WingChick, a new webseries from writer, director and Blavity/Shadow & Act contributor Tonja Renee Stidhum, seeks to satisfy our craving for more Black Girl Magic!

Described as Brown Sugar meets Girlfriends, WingChick chronicles the life of Raven, a late twenty-something Black girl juggling her job as a professional dating site profile writer, while overcoming her struggles with professional dating herself. Cut from the same bougie cloth as A Different World’s Whitley Gilbert, Living Single’s Regine Hunter and Girlfriends’ Toni Childs, Raven has mastered the skill of being a wingwoman, bestfriend and confidant without solving her own dating struggles. To top it off, Raven’s relationship with her male friend, Michael, is bordering on sexual tension. Like any cool girl ensemble, the writer leans on her three best friends, Greer, Leo, and Tess for support and good vibes.

“Like any creator, WingChick is largely rooted in the shenanigans of my walking life,” said Stidhum. “Raven’s Wolfpack is inspired by my own sisterfriend circle of the same name, Michael is an amalgamation of male best friends I’ve had over the years.”

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“IWingChick is a love story to authentic black life. It honestly seems like only yesterday that Tonja was working on the first few episodes in the WGA Library,” recalled Executive Producer and Girl I Guess Productions Co-Founder, Bonique’a A. Matthews. “The process has been so monumentally inspiring for me. As EP and Tonja’s friend, I’ve been privy to see the failures, and the subsequent successes. The moments of joyful tears and unbelievable glee. Every step of this process thus far has been a testament to Tonja’s belief in her storytelling, as well as her belief in the quality of the talent currently available in the industry. From a diverse and inclusive crew, to a female DP, and our beautiful cast of actors, our fearless leader (Baby Ava) has established a tone of excellence and set the bar for what Hollywood CAN and WILL accomplish in the years to come.”

“I connected to Raven on a spiritual level which made her so much fun to play. If you know me, I have a permanent residence in the friend zone,” noted Bree Mei-Li, who portrays Raven. “The first time I read the script I was cackling, Tonja is such a talented, hilarious writer. I was surrounded by black girl magic and black boy joy on set while shooting which gave me the warmest feeling inside that I know will translate to screen. The industry needs more stories of people of color and this series will be what it’s missing! Can’t wait for you all to see this work of comedic art!”

WingChick stars Bree Mei-Li, Aubrey Marquez, Lesette Latimer, Johanna Middleton and Riannah Pouncy.

Alysia Allen, who is producing the upcoming Hattie McDaniel biopic, is a producer for WingChick. 

Check out the trailer for the webseries below.

You can support WingChick in its post-production Indiegogo campaign here.

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