Wrapping Up The 2013 Edition Of New York Comic Con - Viva La Nerdolution!
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Wrapping Up The 2013 Edition Of New York Comic Con - Viva La Nerdolution!


ComicCon has evolved from just a comic book convention to all things geek and then some.  At this weekend’s event at New York’s Jacob Javits Center, attendants were immersed in a multitude of alterna-verses from Marvel and DC to Westeros and Bon Temps.  ComicCon was a great place to let your freak flag fly, emulating your favorite characters from Dr Who to Venom, Heisenberg to Sailor Moon, Michonne to Korra. The Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s made me yearn for my blue hair days.

Though ComicCon doesn’t speak to the traditional Black cool like maybe Summer Jam might, the crowd was a motley mix of faces, many of them painted and some of them painted Black in tandem with their costumes. While the initial image of blackface was jarring, in respect and admiration for the extreme lengths these people took their cosplay, I merely gave my companion knowing glances and kept it moving.

The huge turnout for the Women in Marvel panel and plethora of women coming in groups prove that comics and the like aren’t just for boys.  Securing throwback Buffy the Vampire and Mother of Dragon shirts made this an event perfect for the likes of this geek chick.  

Iconic figures Bruce Leroy (Taimak) and Appolonia were there. 

Grizz Chapman (30 Rock) manned a booth.

I was thrilled to meet WWF legends “HacksawJim Duggan and Sergeant Slaughter.  

Free comics and teasers were available everywhere and to see the evolution of comics was amazing.  I picked up autographed copies of the Archie Comics series After Life, putting the beloved Riverdale characters within the context of the undead. Brilliant!

Sunday included a panel on HipHop in Comics with DMC of Run DMC, discussing his publishing company Darryl Makes Comics and upcoming comic book “DMC.”  

Despite our fervent support historically, we have always been underrepresented in comics, but certainly the tide is changing as urban geek creatives dominate every aspect of art and culture.

The interaction between people was so exciting to witness. Where else can you see Poison Ivy and Naruto booed up?  Darth Vader as LL Cool J? Spiderman kicking it with a bearded Wonder Woman? Plus, the line for Kimchi burgers and meatballs was worth every bite. 

This was my first ComicCon, but definitely not my last. 

Viva la Nerdolution!

Monique A. Williams is an author, student and mother living in Brooklyn.  Currently, she is developing a social platform for the best in urban television and web originals. You can find out more about her at www.itsmomowilly.com