Yes, There Really Is Going To Be A 'Basketball Wives' Movie + A 'Jumping The Broom' Sequel
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Yes, There Really Is Going To Be A 'Basketball Wives' Movie + A 'Jumping The Broom' Sequel

nullIn this week’s “do-we-really-need-to-know-this?” news comes confirmation of what’s been rumored for some time, and some of you’ve been dreading – that there really is a Basketball Wives movie in the works.

Producer Tracey Edmonds revealed in a recent interview with that there is indeed a BW film in the works, with Shaunie O’Neal, but cautioned that the film will not be based on the show, and will be an “uplifting movie with a lot of twists” (and lots of weaves one assumes).

She also revealed that she has a sequel to her successful Jumping the Broom movie also currently in development. How has Hollywood and the business evolved since you started out and what’s next for you?

EDMONDS: In all honesty, when I first started there were more opportunities for projects of color. There were at least seven distributors doing African-American films. Nowadays, it’s maybe two or three. That leaves fewer slots to get a film through and fewer opportunities to direct or produce. We are seeing the same with television. The good news is things are beginning to segue way online, which is global. A channel like Alright is reaching the entire world on YouTube and a wonderful opportunity to get positive images out to the world. There is a Jumping the Broom sequel in the works and I am also producing a Basketball Wives movie with Shaunie O’Neal. It’s not based on the show and is an uplifting story with a lot of twists.

So if it’s not based on the show, then what’s it supposed to be about?

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