Yolonda Ross Joins Cast Of 16-Year-Old Devon Narine-Singh's 'Of Darkness And Light'
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Yolonda Ross Joins Cast Of 16-Year-Old Devon Narine-Singh's 'Of Darkness And Light'


Actress Yolonda Ross recently joined the cast of 16 year old writer/director Devon Narine-Singh’s upcoming short film Of Darkness And Light

Narine-Singh’s film follows a young man (played by Scotty Curcie) who’s mourning the loss of his best friend who committed suicide. 

According to the filmmaker:

Yolonda Ross’ character is extremely pivotal to the story. In the opening of the film, the young man goes to Ms. Littlefield and they begin talking. As the conversation [happens], flashbacks occur, detailing the young man’s relationship with his friend, and the downward spiral that occurred after his friend’s death. 

Production on the film is taking place this month. 

Narine-Singh’s last project, the French New Wave-inspired Single Souls, Two Bodies, and which cost just $500 to make, was highlighted on Indiewire (the parent site of this blog) last October, in a piece in which Narine-Singh said. “I wrote a four page outline and allowed the cast to improv the dialogue. This makes the performances very natural and also very honest. I feel the film appeals to everyone. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s intriguing, it’s different. The power of cinema is to allow people to experience new things.  I hope for some audience members the film provides insight into the experiences of being a teenager in the 21st century.”

Meanwhile, Yolonda Ross was most recently seen starring in John Sayles’ featured drama/thriller Go For Sisters, alongside LisaGay Hamilton.

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