You Might Be Offended/Entertained/Educated/Amused/Other By Mike Epps' 'That's Racist' Series (Watch)
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You Might Be Offended/Entertained/Educated/Amused/Other By Mike Epps' 'That's Racist' Series (Watch)

null"That’s Racist" is a new web series from AOL and Mike Epps, whose goal is to get to the root of the many stereotypes that continue to ail and divide us. The actor and comedian uses humor to explore how history and fact often distort into a snide, but sometimes funny shorthand.

Produced by Andrew Fried for Boardwalk Pictures, the series is part of a AOL’s 2014 slate of original programming (yes, even AOL is in the original content space). Other series feature talent and producers such as James Franco, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zoe Saldana, and Ellen DeGeneres, all behind shows that will span topics from family and comedy to business and technology.

16 new original shows in total, AOL will premiere them throughout the year on The AOL On Network.

Watch all 10 episodes of Mike Epp’s "That’s Racist" series, which premiered in January, each about 7 minutes long, stripping down a range of stereotype, including the most popular, like whether all black people love fried chicken, or can’t swim, as well as stereotypes of other groups; for example, if all Jews are cheap, Irish people are drunks, all Mexicans are lazy, all Asians are smart, etc, etc, etc…

While humorous, the series does go beyond comedy, by placing these stereotypes within historical contexts, incorporating the contributions of many "experts" on each, including academics like, in the first episode ("Black People Love Fried Chicken") Pete McGraw, a professor of psychology at UC Boulder, discusses how matters of socio-economic status/class influence the evolution of these stereotype.

All 10 episodes are embebbed in the YouTube playlist contained in the video player below:

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