Your Lists Of The Most Disturbing Films You've Seen (Survey)
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Your Lists Of The Most Disturbing Films You've Seen (Survey)

Slow news day today… so I thought I’d spit this out for conversation…

Horror director Lucky McKee’s The Woman debuted at Sundance this year. I was there, but I didn’t see the film. It wasn’t on my list of films to screen. But maybe I should’ve been there, based on all that I heard happened during and after the screening.

The film centers on a small town family patriarch who discovers a feral woman living in the woods, and decides that it’s his family’s duty to “civilize” her, which includes progressively sadistic, extreme, perverse methods.

As the guys at Twitch put it, “THE WOMAN is controversial and challenging; harrowing and horrific; disturbing and disgusting; and according to at least one audience member at this year’s Sundance, a film that should be burned and never shown again.

Serious, right? Anybody see it at Sundance, or any other festivals it screened since then?

Apparently, folks walked out, some vomited, women passed out, and more, during the screening.

Like I said, I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t say. And I’m really not familiar with McKee’s past work either, which seems to comprise of similar gruesome tales. But it sounds like this is his controversial, if the below video of audience member reactions to the film at Sundance is anything to go by.

And underneath that I embedded the film’s trailer, which doesn’t quite tell us just how disturbing and disgusting the film is.

But before you watch those, my question for you all is, what films have you watched in the past (if any) that made you react like the dude in the video below? Not “black films;” any films you’ve seen in your lifetime that inspired this kind of a reaction:

And here’s the film’s trailer:

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