YouTube/Ridley Scott/Venice Film Fest Partner On $500,000 Global Short Film Competition
Photo Credit: S & A

YouTube/Ridley Scott/Venice Film Fest Partner On $500,000 Global Short Film Competition


This morning YouTube announced a new film competition in partnership with Ridley Scott and the Venice Film Festival

The gist: titled Your Film Festival, starting February 2nd, filmmakers from all over the world will be able to submit 15-minute "story-driven" films to a YouTube channel specifically assigned for this competition at

You have until march 31st to do so; and at that time 50 semifinalists will be selected by a team put together by Ridley Scott. And then those 10 semifinalists will be thrown to the YouTube wolves, as YouTube users will vote to choose 10 finalists.

The 10 finalists will then be screened at the Venice Film Festival in August, with a winner chosen by Ridley Scott's team.

The prize, aside from a trip to Italy, is a $500,000 grant to work with Ridley Scott's production company Scott Free.

The goal is to connect new voices with a global audience of unprecedented size,” said Nate Weinstein, YouTube’s manager of entertainment marketing.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Ridley Scott has partnered with YouTube on something. Remember the Life In A Day project in 2010/2011 – Itself also a global experiment?

So, get to it filmmakers! A $500,000 grant is on the line here; you'll get to work with one of the more reverred filmmakers of our time.

Given that this is a global event, and an *esteemed* judge & jury will be involved in the selection process, I expect to see some really good work here – especially when we get down to the 10 finalists.

If I had a 15-minute film done, I'd submit it.

Good luck!