You've Never Seen 'The Lion King' Characters This Swaggy

March 27 2020

You haven't seen the characters of The Lion King this fashionable or this anthropomorphic, thanks to artist Marco Bernard.

Bernard, a freelance illustrator based in Los Angeles, told PopSugar that he came up with his Pridelands artwork project while watching '90s Disney cartoon TaleSpin on Disney+ and Netflix anime show Beastars. He said that in Beastars, "there was a group of vicious lions, and I wondered what it would be like for Scar to be the leader of those lions," he said.

In his Instagram descriptions of his artwork, it's evident that self-isolation due to COVID-19 also fueled Bernard's Lion King inspiration. In one post, he wrote, "Dear Diary, it's been 3-lem days of Quarantine. I've lost my mind. This is what happens when you watch #beastars and #Talespin." In another, he wrote, "Dear Diary, Day Umpteen of Quarantine thoughts. The internet has gone out of control. Therefore forcing me to [lose] control. I know I need to stop but y'all won't let me. Dammit #Beastars. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE."

The art, featuring the characters in contemporary clothing (including Nala in Beyoncé's Adidas x Ivy Park line and Simba in a suit Donald Glover would love), hit a chord with people on social media, becoming a viral hit. Bernard told PopSugar people have started writing fanfiction based on his art.

He called the online response "incredible," saying, "I feel like in the world of COVID-19, people have a little something to look forward to with my drawings."

You can see more of his artwork on his Instagram, and you can support his work on ko-fi.




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Photo: Marco Bernard/Instagram

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